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AP Video is one of the leading wedding event and web TV production crews in the United Kingdom offering high quality video filming and post production services. We have successfully produced videos for hundreds of bride and groom's and businesses throughout Greater London.

Created in 2002 by Anup Parmar, former BBC audio dubbing editor and camera operator, our team now includes an assortment of creative people.

Based in North West London, we can provide our professional video services anywhere in the United Kingdom or abroad.

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HD Production

All our video productions are recorded using high definition video cameras, whether it's 35mm DSLR or XDCAM video format.

Pre-wedding Video

A short video story is an idea way to tell everyone a little bit more about yourselves. A great way to entertain your guests.


Video highlight are a great way of sharing the best moments of your wedding. Take a look at our recent portfolio for examples.